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Hawthorn Park Community Primary School

School Policies

School Policies

School Policies

Lime Tree Primary Academy Policies and School Documents

(Policies or documents can be found in alphabetical order)

If you require a paper copy of any of the below policies, please speak to a member of the school office.

Some school policies are in the process of being updated from Hawthorn to Lime Tree. Please bear with us whilst this transition continues. 

Old Policies for Reference

Accessibility Policy

Admissions Policy Anti-Bullying Policy

Asthma Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Management Policy

Calculation Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Child Friendly Safeguarding Policy

Collective Workshop Policy

Complaints Policy

Covid 19 Appendix Policy

Drugs Education Policy

Early Years Policy

Equality Document

Equality Information & Objectives

I.C.T and E- Safety Policy

Freedom of Information

First Aid Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Homework Policy

Lone Working Policy

Managing Allegations of Abuse

(Peer on Peer)

Assessment, Marking &Feedback Policy

Maths Policy

Mental Health Policy

Music Policy

Newly Qualified Teacher Policy

Ofsted Report

PE Policy

Peer on Peer Abuse Policy

Phonics Policy

Playground Policy

Privacy Notice

Preventing Radicalisation and Policy

Pupil Remote Learning

Safeguarding Policy

School Prospectus

SEND Policy


S.R.E Policy

The Tennyson Learning Community policies