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Hawthorn Park Community Primary School

Sickness and Absence

Sickness and Absence

Sickness and Absence

School’s Absence Line - 01582 863859

If you are telephoning the school to leave an absence message the recording does not always play, but your messages are recorded.

Please make sure you leave; your name, your child’s name, your child’s class and the reason for their absence.


If your child has sickness or an upset stomach, they MUST remain off of school for 48 hours after the last bout of illness, even if they seem well enough to come in. We are trying to combat the spread of sickness through pupils and staff.

Health and medical matters

  • It is important that you give full information about any health or medical matters to do with your child. If your child has asthma, this must be identified on the school admission form. If your child is diagnosed at a later time please remember to inform school and sign a declaration form.

  • Head lice are found from time to time in young children’s hair. As it is easy for a child to pick these up anywhere, PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD’S SCALP (ESPECIALLY AT THE BACK OF THE HEAD AND NEAR THE EARS) EVERY WEEK.

  • If your child has an accident (falling over in mud/snow or not getting to the toilet on time) and spare clothes are lent to him/her - please wash and return them as soon as possible because other children may need to borrow them.

  • Medicines/inhalers are kept either in the fridge or medical cabinet in the school office. No inhalers/medicine are to be kept in the classroom or handed to teachers. Please note we can only accept the reliever (Blue) inhalers in school.

  • If your child requires medicine in school that is to be given 4 times a day, an administering medicine form must be signed by you before any medicine can be administered to your child. (Only medication prescribed by a GP can be administered in school).

  • Please note: any medicine that is brought into school will not be handed over to a child at the end of the school day, it is down to the parent/carer to pick it up from the main school office.

Hawthorn Park has 13 qualified First Aiders:

Mrs C Collatin
Mrs J King
Mrs J Taylor                                  
Miss H McCarthy
Mrs H Webb                                
Miss G Campbell                                                                     
Mrs G Morris
Mrs G Hazell
Mrs A-L Kyte
Mrs D Hall 
Miss G Steed
Mrs L Robb
Miss K Humphreys