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Hawthorn Park Community Primary School




In-Year Admissions - (Moving into the area or transferring schools)

In-year admissions are applications to enter a year group that has already started at the school.

  • Children and parents moving into the area or transferring from another school are encouraged to visit beforehand.  This visit enables the children to become familiar with the building, route to school, the class teacher and other children in the class.  A school brochure and other information is given during the visit.

  • Pupils must apply to the LA either on line or by form (in year transfer form) before admittance to the main school

  • Pupils should complete school admission form prior to entry.

The Local Authority is required to consult the Governing Body of the school each year about admission arrangements.

Central Bedfordshire Council In-Year Application Form

 Admission Arrangements 2025

tlc admission arrangements 2025.pdf


Admission Arrangements 2024

Admission arrangements for 2024-25

Admissions Arrangements 2023


Admission Appeals – 2022

Parents who would like to appeal for a school place for admission into Reception in September 2022 should complete an appeal form. The timeline and procedures for appeals can be found here or by downloading the file ‘School Admission Appeals Guidance for Parents 2022’. There is a separate procedure for admission into the school Nursery. Please contact the school directly.

School Admission Appeals - Guidance for Parents 2022

Admissions Arrangements 2022

Revised determined admission arrangements for September 2022.pdf