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Hawthorn Park Community Primary School

Governance and Finance

Governance and Finance

The Local Governing Body

The Governing Body, has responsibility for the school’s overall strategic direction.

The current Local Governing Body (LGB) is comprised of volunteers from the local school community.Governing Body meetings are held at several points throughout the school year. LGB meetings outline key issues that are required to be discussed and reviewed as necessary. Examples of these agenda items are, but not limited to; Attendance, Admissions, Achievements & Standards, Behaviour & Safety (Safeguarding), Finance, Leadership & Management and Quality of Teaching & Learning.

Attendance at these meetings is monitored by Trust staff from the TLC.

The Governors:

  • Make sure the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special needs,
  • Formulate the aims and policies of the school in collaboration with the TLC Trust,
  • Ensure that the National Curriculum is taught,
  • Support Interviews and appoint key members of staff.

Committees Groups:

  • Curriculum, Standards & Pupil Welfare Committee
  • General Purpose Committee
  • Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

The Lime Tree Primary Academy Local Governing Body consists of the follow members:

Mrs Julia Babiak - Chair of Governors 

Mr Asim Syed - Vice Chair

Mrs Julia Turner

Mrs Gillian Greenlees

Mrs Sue Thorne

Mr Jimmy Carroll

Ms Antonia Ryan

Mrs Catherine Stormonth - Trustee

Mrs Sarah Vince - Staff Governor

Ms Clare Lewis - Interim Head of School

Governors (ID 1281)

  • Julia Babiak
    Chair of Governors - Local Governing Body
  • Asim Syed
    Vice-Chair of Governors
  • Julia Turner
    Safeguarding Governor
  • Jimmy Carroll
  • Antonia Ryan
  • Sue Thorne
  • Gillian Greenleas
    Parent Governor



Governor Attendance:

Trust Governance and Finance

At the Tennyson Learning Community, the Trust board works in a similar way to the LGB, but cover the finances and strategic decisions for all the Trust schools. 


Through clear lines of communication, the Trust board delegates authority of roles and responsibilites as set out in the Trust scheme of Responsibility (SOR) this helps the Trust board to keep on top of the issues impacting schools, whilst ensuring that those involved closely in school are making the decisions they are best placed to make. 


Working as a Trustee or Committee member, either at Trust level or school level, is a rewarding commitment to drive both the school and trust aims and objectives through great governance. 

If you are interested in a governance role at any level, please contact: enquiries@tennysonlearningcommunity.com 


As an academy, our accounts and other relevant information is held and reported by the Multi Academy Trust, all information can be found here:

Tennyson Learning Community Finance and Governance