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Hawthorn Park Community Primary School



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Lime Tree Primary Academy’s curriculum is based upon the programmes of study in the National Curriculum and fine-tuned to reflect local history, people of historical influence and the community in surrounding areas. We operate a cycle of topics based on the programmes of study and our new Rising Stars Foundation curriculum ‘Eduschool’. Work across the school is taught using a thematic approach to learning, interweaving the learning through different subjects, on a common theme.

Our Early Years phonics programme is supported by the Read, Write, Inc. programme. This scheme provides our pupils with a solid grounding in early reading and decoding, through a comprehensive and structured programme, recognised nationally for achieving results.

Physical Education is taught through the RealPE curriculum. The Christopher Winter Project supports our bespoke PSHE scheme and Religious Education is delivered through The Bedfordshire SACRE agreed syllabus.

At Lime Tree Primary Academy we enable pupils to develop basic skills, using and applying these skills meaningfully, within and across the curriculum.

Our “WOW” themed weeks and days are planned throughout the year and offer our pupils valued opportunities to progress their learning and experiences. We thoroughly believe that learning does not need to just take place in the classroom, and where possible, opportunities should exist to bring learning to life through a variety of means; trips, museums, visitors to school and cross-school collaborative work within the TLC.

All children learn in mixed ability classes as part of a Mastery curriculum. Pupils are taught in a variety of ways – individually, in groups or as a class.

All teachers work to make learning active and visual and give class opportunities for discussion and reflection.  Our minimum target for pupils is to achieve Age Related Expectation (ARE), however, we do not set  a ceiling on achievement.

Curriculum Statement - Intent, Implementation and Impact

Curriculum Statement 2022